What is Coffee?

Simple…Very Simple.

Coffee is nothing , but just a few cherries plucked, processed , dry and wet, dried, packaged, reopened, roasted and served . That’s it. Simple? Is it not?

However, this simple journey has been fascinating people for so long. Coffee is grown in various regions of the world, from South-Central Americas to Africa to Asia Pacific. The trail becomes even more interesting as the exceptional producers of coffee seldom consume the exceptional coffee grown in their countries. Therefore ,majority of the coffee grown in the coffee producing nations are exported as a cash crop, while coffee connoisseurs spread across the world go into the details and infuse life in the dead coffee beans.

Shack Coffee Co. is the result of over enthusiasm of one such coffee enthusiast, who has managed to find a partner for the idea, and make him believe that all we need in this world to give us joy will be duly granted by the roasted, burnt ,badgered, charred , dried, fermented and ground coffee beans. Amazingly few more people have started to believe this maxim of the coffee enthusiast. However, for the shack to be functional we need resources.

The journey, which some wise men say, is what maketh a man , and not the destination, for Shack is purported to be difficult and inundated with roadblocks. This electronic diary will keep itself abreast of each such happening in the life of the Shack. The prominent amongst the countless would be the coffee beans.

Yes, Shack is based in India, which does not grow coffee to cater to the specialty coffee . Till very recently coffee grown in India was to cater to the bulk market. However there have been exceptions . Adding to it Indian consumers have been used to instant coffee sold by global giant Nestle and the local giant Tata coffee(it owns thirty thousand acres of coffee plantations). Other than instant coffee we have locally bred coffee chains, which have defined coffee very differently. However there are warriors , who are fighting it out alone. Future posts will cover all the aspects and much more.

Happy Birthday Shack.