Monsoons  sheepishly arrived in Delhi. Clouds gather on a whim and act like and eccentric rock-star, pouring some water once in a while. Humidity is unbearable. The only respite are cool climes like Nainital, where I had studied for few years or the next best option is a cold beverage like New Orleans Iced Coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee is a specialty coffee company based in San Francisco , who roast coffee and run two cafes in the city. While reading about them  came across an article where they had shared how to prepare New Orleans Iced Coffee. It is easy and can be done at home. With the help below one can prepare a great cup of iced coffee and savor it the way I am doing it.


250 gms of ground coffee. 
Ground Coffee
50 gms of powdered chicory .( Purely optional)
600 ml of water at normal temperature.
Pour water on the ground and mix it will with a spoon.
Let it brew at room temperature for 12 hrs.
After the brewing is done strain the brew into a container either with a filter paper or a fine metal strainer.
Now to prepare coffee pour 1/4th cup p brewed coffee, sugar syrup as per taste , fill it up with ice and add another 1/4th cup of milk. Mix it well and drink.
Iced Coffee